“I once could s…

“I once could see, but now, at last, I’m blind.” – Dream Theater

My life was once gigantic misconception and filled with flawed and broken perceptions as to how it all really was.  I had lead a life full of selfishness and self satisfactions.  My actions and thought patterns had little concern for those around me.  My family life, my friendships, and mostly my relationships suffered and i have permanently damaged many, if not all, of them.

This course of action kept up my entire life.  It spilled into my marriage and it wasn’t until May 20, 2013 where my life got turned around…. for the better.  Here is my documentation of all of that.

This is my outlet and a way for me to show that no matter the evils and bad things you have done in your life, a person can change; and for every person like this, there has to be that 1st day where the change begins.